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    I am a new member of SPA and I am rebuilding N29DW, a Coot Amphibian flying boat, located at KCJR in Culpeper VA. This aircraft was built in the 80s and flipped. Much of it has been repaired, there is much left to do. If you are interested in lending a hand that would be great. If not, that is ok too.

    I have a couple of questions and am requesting advice. This is a fiberglass deep-V hull with wooden structure. I intend to use this plane in the Chesapeake Bay, so I am being careful about hull integrity. This coot was built with a vented step as designed by Molt Taylor, but all indications are the vented step retards takeoff performance. We are closing up and glassing over the vents but that will leave a void area in the hull that is inaccessible should a leak occur.

    Our options are 1. Seal it and leave it. 2. Put an external drain plug outside at the bottom rear of the V. 3. Put an internal drain into the main hull, difficult due to location and possible interference with the main spar and other apparatus. 4. Put a pump-out tube into void, also difficult.

    Got any ideas?

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    Fill the void with lightweight closed cell foam.