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    I’m looking at purchasing a home in northern MI. One house of interest is on a good size lake (for floats) but has “quiet hours” from 7:30pm to 11am the next day. In essence the association states no high speed motorized boating or water skiing. Breaking this law carries a fine of $150 and / or 30 days in jail. My question: does this apply to float plane activity? It is my understanding that when I’m on the water I’m considered a boat and thus need to follow all boating rules and regulations. Thus it would apply. Thoughts? Thanks. PS this lake does have a couple of public boat launches.

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    I would do a lot of checking before I would try it. Yes, like a boat on the water, but still different with regard to a lot of factors. At the Coast Guard Auxiliary we do not treat seaplanes exactly like boats, On one lake, I actually was advised to dual register my seaplane as a boat and stuck a set of boat registrations on the floats. At another place I operate I checked with the State Police (who have jurisdiction in New York over certain flight operations, a home owners association and the state and county, before I determined that it was legal to operate there and then found out about additional restrictions during certain events. Better to be SAFE than sorry and fined.

    Robert P. Kittine, Jr. - West Nyack Aviation, L.L.C. - New York