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    Hi, there this is Jeff Bowen N192CW. I have a R172K which is a172XPII on Wip 2350s. I recently over the winter did a upgrade on avionics, GTN750,345r, GNC255,106b, remote audio panel, and dual G5s, Slipstream 510. Ok I had my eyes on the GFC 500 Autopilot. The STC for the 172 I believe was issued in Feb. I called my Garmin dealer for update and he said that the STC does not apply to my plane on amphibs. I called STEC reps for a compatible unit for my install and basically said the same thing. I called the Wip avionics reps and said they have nothing to offer except a few Caravans on amphibs with oscillating issues. Any of yall out there have a suggestion for my issue? Thanks JB