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A thanks to the SPA staff for a job well done. From the SPA Founder...

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  • A thanks to the SPA staff for a job well done. From the SPA Founder...

    Date: 12-21-17
    Re: SPA Report Card from Dave Quam
    To: Steve McCaughey & Mark Twombly
    CC: Phil Lockwood

    I few days ago I received the Nov/Dec Water Flying. The first thing that I noticed was the feel of the cover, it felt like a "Solid" serious publication. Great change from the past.... The color of the cover, photos and ads stand out, compared to the old version of the past.

    Steve's power point presentations are making people drool. While at Oshkosh this year, at the SPA Booth, three people came back from one Steve's programs and said "That show made me want to go out and buy a seaplane now."

    In the Nov/Dec Water Flying, I see new people were added to the SPA Board, very pleased to see that John Pratt, Chuck Wiplinger and Harry Shannon are on. All long time members.....

    The Advocacy fight by the SPA/ Steve is yielding results and makes the SPA look like an Association that has its act together. Way to go Steve. (What an organization !!!) I am sure there is more to comment about, but that's enough for now.

    Why am I sending this letter? Because I want all staff in the SPA Staff to know that I am very proud of what you are doing for Water Flying and making the SPA what it is today. GREAT JOB....
    I am very proud to still be a part of the SPA in a small way, thank you for making feel at home as a "Special Advisor".......
    Why this letter now, a few months ago I didn't think I would be here and I have never put in print my thought and thanks for doing a great job with the SPA.
    I had an operation for a Carotid Artery in the neck. They told me that it was 85% blocked, after the operation, I saw the piece that they took out and the Dr. said it was 97% blocked and he didn't know how I even got to the hospital. Penny saw my face turn White while lifting a piece of steel and yelled "Stop", I drove to the
    emergency room and was admitted for the next day surgery, that was close, thanks to Penny I am still here and while here, I wanted all at the SPA to know how proud I am with the way you are running the SPA..

    Thank You...Dave Quam, Bemidji, MN